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We are an industrial engineering firm with over 25 years of experience providing customers advanced wireless instrumentation control, automation, IIoT, SaaS and Industry 4.0 solutions.

We provide products and services for remote industrial applications in O&G, WWW, mining and electric industries. 

We use state-of-the-artinnovative technologies and solutions that include wireless instrumentation & sensor, open-source PLCs, and Cloud Solutions (wireless industrial Internet of things), AI, analytics, and dashboards).  We deploy advanced technologies and solutions to improve customer's efficiency and productivity while reducing their total cost of project implementation.  


Office locations: Near Atlanta, GA, Miami and Colombia . 


We have channel partners in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

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Our Commitment

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Our commitment is to offer customers high-quality solutions and services that include:

Wireless Instruments
We offer the most advanced wireless instrumentation that is 
used at remote sites to measure level, temperature, pressure, climatic conditions, energy efficiency, etc. 

Intelligent Integrated Automation Solutions

We offer the highest performance integrated automation solutions (wireless instruments, PLCs, IIoT Solutions) that are customized to customer's application.  

Cloud/IIoT based Dashboards

Systems are specifically designed for real-time control and monitoring. It retrieves critical information from remote sensors,  analyzers, and controllers; handles alerts and alarm notifications; provides historical data and opens secure event channels for real-time remote control. 

Global Warming & Climate Change Solutions

We provide highest quality and performance solutions to monitor, control and reduce the negative effects of global warming. 

IIoT Solutions and Controllers

The perfect IIoT solution for industrial automation, building efficiency, preventive maintenance, predictive analytics, building automation, security, weather monitoring, etc.

Our Products


SignalFire Wireless Telemetry was created to answer a need for transferring data wirelessly over vast geographic distances. The SignalFire system is a robust, short-range intelligent mesh network designed to give asset managers access to valuable process data. 


Monnit Corporation was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of connecting to, monitoring and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment (Internet of Things – IoT Technologies). 


Vutility is the leading provider of real-time, high-resolution, energy data monitoring that enables businesses to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies.  We deliver actionable, insightful data that helps solve complex energy challenges, including reducing carbon footprints, decreasing costs, improving performance, all with scalable ROIs.

AIWTS offers the highest quality and reliability traditional cabled pressure and temperature transmitters  under our own brand. Compared to major labels our prices are about 30% more competitive, while providing equivalent performance, warranty and technical support. 




AIWTS provides customized Cloud/IIoT SCADA & Dashboards to capture report and analyze data from remote sensors and to provide 24/7 analytics, monitoring, alarms and reports that are based on customer's KPIs.  We also provide outsourcing services for customers in need of additional software engineers. 


Industrial Shields is a European manufacturer of high quality industrial automation products.

We build PLCs and Panels PCs based on Open Source Hardware (Arduino and Raspberry).
Industry ready hardware for all industrial applications of monitoring, data acquisition, control and automation.

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