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Energy Efficiency and Smart City

Solar Panels with a cloud in shape of a bulb

AIWTS can provide project engineering, hardware, software and integration services to plan and execute your energy sustainability / efficiency and/or smart city project.  Here are just of a few of the projects that we can execute.  Call us for more details or to get us involved in your specific project. 

Polar Ice Glaciers

Climate Change/Global Warming Project - Industrial Shields


Scientific Institution is using an Industrial Shields Open Source Arduino PLC to monitor 12 mesocosms in the town of New Alesund - on the island of Svabard (Norway) to monitor changes at the North Pole. The study of  polar ecosystems  helps to understand alterations in  climate change.  One of the ways to analyze the environment under controlled conditions is through mesocosms or outdoor  experimental systems. 

Click below link to see entire paper:  (English subtitles)

Additional applications:

Monitor autonomous solar panels with Arduino PLC

Using Arduino PLCs to control of sonic barriers in wind turbines. 

Rotating Wind Turbine
Vutility HotDrop XL
Energy Sustainability Efficiency - Vutility

Take control of your carbon footprint to meet your sustainability goals, by identifying the drivers of your energy use and cost-effective opportunities to improve efficiency.

Leading ESCO helped their customer realize 90% savings vs. traditional solutions for a light industrial submetering project. Competitive bids ranged from $50-75K+ (~$35-50K for HW + installation costs and margin) Equivalent scope using Vutility HotDrops cost under $3K for HW with significantly lower installation costs. HotDrops install in minutes vs. hours, minimizing high-cost electrician time Key

Takeaway:  Vutility's lower HW and install costs enable partners to increase their win % when bidding on projects, as well as unlock new use cases that can now have justifiable ROIs.

Click Here to visit Vutility's Energy Efficiency Blog
Wind Turbine

Remote Monitoring Solutions for Green, Clean, and Renewable Energy

Monnit Solutions track and monitor critical conditions, energy consumption, and performance in the green and renewable energy industry sectors.

Remotely Monitor Production, Power, and Performance—Anytime, Anywhere Boost efficiency and productivity across your operations.

Give IoT the green light.  Green, clean, solar, and other renewable energy resources increasingly power our current and future existence. And the Internet of Things (IoT) helps to escalate the growth and elevate the adoption of smart, green energy with wind turbine, hydroelectric, solar power, and more condition monitoring solutions.

Remote monitoring using IoT sensors can help streamline the production of green and renewable power solutions—from generation to transmission to distribution. Strategically connected in various places as monitoring solutions for wind turbines and hydroelectric dams, and nuclear, solar, and geothermal power plants, Monnit IoT Devices are on the job.

Monnit Sensors and Meters can instantly let you know when any variable changes from your preset parameters. The cases for using Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions in green and renewable applications are virtually limitless. With more than 80 Monnit Sensors to deploy, you’re sure to collect an abundance of actionable data to keep your operations running safe, sustainable, and strong.

Wind Turbines -Keeping us on the path to a greener energy future.


Your powerful IIoT turbine monitoring solution.  Not one. Not two. But all three axes can be monitored using our award-winning ALTA Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter (AVM). This sensor also measures several vibration-related functions of machines. Did we mention seismic monitoring? It does that too. It’s an essential sensor to create the best solar or wind turbine vibration monitoring system. You’ll get data on vibration, frequency, crest factor, displacement, velocity, duty cycle, and temperature to help predict maintenance and protect assets with these multi-use meters. Monitor vibration in many environments and on many machines with our versatile ALTA Vibration Meters operating as solar power and panel sensors, power plant sensors, hydroelectric sensors, wind turbine sensors, and more.

Here are some of the sensors that can be used in your turbine IIoT monitoring solution:

Click here to view a Solar Monitoring Case

Palm Tress in a Hurricane
Information o Smart Light Controller Cabinet

Smart City - Energy Sustainability Efficiency - Industrial Shields

Public lighting system with Arduino industrial PLC.  
The Smart Light Controller allows full control over the operation and main parameters of the luminaires.  Using standards such as DALI and 12-24v you can connect with: 

  • Drivers
  • Power supplies
  • Ballasts with dimmer
The PLC also allows you to have parameters information that are previously configured for monitoring, such as:
  • Power consumption
  • Tension
  • Current
It was also important to have notification systems, alerts or alarms, in case of any type of failure or incident in the luminaires.
Thanks to the Smart Light Controller you can had a complete view of the status of the luminaires.  Advantages in a Smart Light Controller controlled installation:
  • Greater flexibility of the lighting system.
  •  Switching the luminaires on and off remotely.
  •  Control and monitoring of the infrastructures. 
  •  Energy savings of up to 60%.
  •   Better security.
  •  Simple PLC installation in public lighting solutions.  
  •  Use of existing power lines to send commands. 
  •   10% additional savings in case of using LED technology.
  •  Dim the lights thanks to network communication.
  •  Resistance to external interferences.


Information on Street Lights
Information on SolarPanels
Solar Architecture
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