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Industrial & Process Automation Projects

AIWTS has over 30 years of experience planning and executing all kinds of industrial automation projects in oil, gas, water, waste water, mining and electricity industries. We also provide process automation, monitoring and control solutions for logistic centers, manufacturing, computer server rooms, medical laboratories, agriculture and almost any type of process automation application. We can provide customers a fully integrated automation solution from the instruments to the control system to SCADA or Cloud-based dashboard.  We used the highest quality hardware and software alongside cutting edge technologies and engineering services.  

Two men gathered around a inndustrial machine


Oil & Gas - click below to read about solution
Well head
Water and Waste Water - Click below to read about solution
Image Water Treatment Plant


Manufacturing, Production and Logistic Centers
Server room
Pharma, Computer Server Rooms and Other applications
Electric Applications - click below for more information.
Electric Distribution Towers

Vutility HotDrop for Instant wireless electric submetering:

The HotDrop is the easiest energy monitoring solution available. In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year.  Real-time data transmits wirelessly from inside electric panel. The HotDrop

inductively charges with no batteries. It can submeter individual circuits or an entire building in a snap. 

Click here to learn more. 

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