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Gateway Stick
Integrated gateway and high-gain antenna. Multiple types of Gateways: RS485, Ethernet, DIN, etc.
SignalFire Gateway Stick
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C1/D1 Wireless Sentinel Nodes

Intrinsically Safe Modules for Hazardous Areas.

Interfaces Available

  • HART

  • Analog

  • Digital

  • Modbus

  • Turbine

  • Thermocouple

  • RTD

SignalFire Sentinels
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C1/D1 Wireless Sensors

Pressure Scout,  Tilt Scout and Float Scout
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Long Range Nodes

Modbus Stick, Remote Shut Down System, Wireless IO, etc.

Totalizers, Displays, Accessories & Parts

SignalFire Wireless Flow Totalizer with Display
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Designed for challenging industrial environments, the SignalFire Remote Sensing System has been deployed in oil and gas fields, irrigation systems, water treatment plants, as well as a variety of other remote applications.
Signalfire's break-through technology is also used in plants to allow plant managers to wirelessly transfer critical asset data from remote locations to gain greater control and visibility over process operations, while saving thousands in labor and system costs.
  • Installation Savings – eliminate surveys, trenching, conduit and wire costs
  • Faster & More Accurate Data Delivery – replace manual readings with more frequent measurements
  • Improved Operator Safety – actuate valves and get data from safe location
​Example applications:
  1. Tank Level Monitoring
  2. Pump Performance Monitoring
  3. Remote Well Shutdown
  4. Temperature Monitoring
  5. Tubing, Casing  and Line Pressure
  • Free, easy to use PC configuration and diagnostics software.
  • Supports wireless configuration of remote devices using  free software
LTE - M1 Cellular Products - Ranger

The RANGER comes complete with the web and mobile-friendly SignalFire Cloud interface to monitor, trend, and get alarms either by text or email. It uses MQTT technology secured by TLS (latest in internet security).  Cloud Integration/SparkPlugB
signalfire ranger
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ToolKit - Free Configuration Software
Laptop with Phone
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Solar Solutions
  - C1D1 Solar Power
  -  Solar Powered 
  -  Repeater Node
  -  A2  Range Node Series
SignalFire Solar Powered Sentinels
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