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  • Turn-key Execution - from design, development & deployment of customized and innovative IIoT Solution.

  • Competitive price

  • SaaS is available as an option.

  • Experience team of software engineers

  • Post-deployment support and services.


AIWTS provides customers a highly reliable, secure, customized and easy-to-manage fully integrated Cloud/IIoT solution to allow them to monitor, control, analyze and convert big data into actionable operational intelligence that improves performance, productivity and lowers costs.  

We serve a wide gamut of industries that include oil & gas, climate change, environmental monitoring, smart city, manufacturing, agriculture, electricity, water and waste water, transportation, mining, etc. 

Main benefits of Cloud/IIoT Solutions include:

  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX

  • Increase productivity.

  • Improve efficiencies.

  • Preventive maintenance analytics. 

  • Reduce asset downtime.

  • Enhance visibility into the operation

  • Improve quality outcomes.

  • Improved monitoring and maintenance of production process planning, control, and optimization by gathering and analyzing real-time sensor-generated data.

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GUARDIAN DASHBOARD is  our advanced industrial Cloud-based DASHBOARD platform that monitors and analyzes operational data to intelligently provide users analytics, trends, indicators and interactive reports in real time. 
This DASHBOARD is user friendly and provides intuitive short and long term insights and analytics about a given operation or process that lead to better-informed decisions by managers and optimized production.

GUARDIAN allows for the real time, remote monitoring of equipment, processes, and locations and can be customized to fit the monitoring and reporting needs of any type of application including: server rooms, agricultural, manufacturing, mining, medical, smart city or building, water and waste water, oil and gas, energy efficiency, green energy, climate change, global warming, logistic centers, etc.  

GUARDIAN easily integrates with existing data bases:  
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