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GUARDIAN LoRa Smart Modules are a fully integrated advanced backhaul M2M communication solution that uses the most advanced LoRa WAN technology to communicate data from remote locations to a server, a Cloud Dashboard or even a customer's SCADA solution. 

The solution consists of a local GUARDIAN LoRa RS485 Datalogger that concentrates the data from the local instruments clusters and transmits the data up to a distance of 20 kilometers to a GUARDIAN LoRa WAN Gateway, which then delivers the data via an Ethernet port or WiFi to a local server or directs
it to a secure server and eventually a Dashboard or a SCADA solution. 

GUARDIAN LoRa RS485 Datalogger

The GUARDIAN LoRa RS485 Datalogger comes in an IP67 enclosure, has internal long-life battery and external solar panel. The combination of solar panel and internal battery can power a local device (PLC or other device via its RS485 port). 


  • Rugged Enclosure: The IP67 rating is ideal for installation in all kinds of environmental conditions.  
  • Battery Powered: The system has a 6000mAh le battery that allows it to operate for a very long time. Battery is recharged by its solar panel. 
  • Android App: System is configured via an ioBix App. 
  • Tamper detection: Enclosure comes with a tamper detection sensor that alarms when enclosure is opened.
  • GNSS: System has a global positioning chip to maintain its internal clock sincronized and periodically report its location. 

    GUARDIAN LoRa WAN Gateway

    The GUARDIAN LoRa WAN Gateway comes in an IP67 enclosure and has internal long-life battery.  The system is designed to receive data from hundreds of dataloggers and deliver the data via an Ethernet port to a local server or point the data to a secure server, Dashboard or SCADA system. The gateway can also connect to a WiFi or a cellular system via a SIM card (cellular fees apply).  The gateway can be configured via its own blue tooth App. 
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